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Trekking bikes

Trekking bikes are designed for traveling on both asphalt and light terrain. Perfect for active adventure lovers who value a comfortable ride and the opportunity to explore new paths. A trekking bike is the perfect companion for everyday city trips as well as weekend trips outside the city. It is also perfect for riding on forest trails or gravel roads.

We offer the highest quality cross and trekking bikes from renowned brands such as Cube, Giant, Kellys, Kross. Contact our specialists to help you find the perfect trekking or cross bike that will meet your expectations


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Kellys Cliff 30 Blue 2022 bike
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Trekking bike - comfortable country trips and commuting

A trekking bike is a perfect choice for everyone who loves long and comfortable journeys on two wheels. Designed for adventure on both asphalt and light off-road trails, the trekking bike combines the features of a city and mountain bike. Its versatility makes it perfect for both daily commutes and longer weekend trips. What makes this type of bike unique?


Riding comfort on various surfaces
The most important feature of trekking bikes is their ability to cope with a variety of surfaces. Equipped with wide bicycle tires with a well-balanced tread, they provide excellent grip both on smooth asphalt and on light terrain or gravel roads, and a comfortable bicycle saddle allows you to cover long distances. Thanks to this, a trekking bike allows you to discover new places and admire charming landscapes in comfort.


Durable construction
The trekking bike is characterized by a durable and light frame structure. This is especially important during longer trips, when comfort and convenience become crucial. The solid construction allows for stable riding even on uneven terrain, and at the same time ensures comfortable riding of the bike in city traffic.


Practical accessories
A trekking bike is often equipped with practical accessories that make it easier to organize longer trips. Many models have a trunk on which you can easily install bicycle panniers that can accommodate luggage or shopping. Additionally, the trekking bike is equipped with mudguards that protect against dirt and water when riding on rainy days.


A universal choice
A trekking bike is a universal choice for people who value the freedom to travel and explore new places. Whether you´re looking to take a longer trip out of town or just enjoy your daily commute, a trekking bike is ready for any challenge.

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