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Road bikes

Light construction, aerodynamic silhouette, narrow, smooth tires and appropriate gear ratios - road bikes were created to cover paved routes at high speed. In the store, we offer a wide selection of road bikes, so that every cyclist with a sports flair can find equipment that meets his or her individual expectations. The offer includes two-wheelers from renowned manufacturers, we sell Giant, Cube, Kellys and Felt road bikes.



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Characteristics of a road bike

Geometry: The road bike has an aerodynamic geometry that allows you to ride in a forward flexed position, which reduces air resistance and increases speed. This makes the bike perfect for long distance riding and racing.

Frame: is made of light and stiff materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum or steel alloys. These materials provide strength, stiffness and low weight, which translates into better bicycle performance.

Handlebar: A road bike is usually equipped with drop handlebars. This allows for different hand and body positions, which is beneficial both when covering longer routes and when racing.

Wheels: Road bikes feature narrow bike tires and lightweight, large 700c wheels. Such wheels provide less rolling resistance and better speed on paved roads.

Weight: Due to the use of lightweight materials, road bikes are relatively light, which contributes to increased performance and maneuverability.

Drivetrain: A road bike is typically equipped with a drivetrain consisting of two or three chainrings on the crank and 10, 11 or 12 speeds on the rear wheel cassette. This allows the cyclist to smoothly transition through different speed ranges and climb steep hills.

Brakes: cyclists can be equipped with disc brakes or rim brakes. Disc brakes provide excellent braking power in various weather conditions, while the advantage of rim brakes is their lower weight.


Road bikes are divided into the following types:

Racing road bikes

Racing bikes are designed for maximum speed and performance. They have light and stiff frames made of carbon fiber, aluminum or steel to ensure a fast and precise ride. The geometry of racing bikes allows for an aggressive body position, which minimizes air resistance. This bike is equipped with a drive system with a wide range of gears to enable smooth acceleration and climbing hills. Racing bikes also have lightweight wheels with narrow tires that provide low rolling resistance.


Endurance road bikes

This equipment is for people looking for comfort during long routes and trips. They have a more upright geometry, which allows for a comfortable riding position. The frames of these bikes have more flexible features to dampen vibrations. The wheels are usually slightly wider and can accommodate larger volume tires, which translates into greater comfort on uneven and paved roads. The endurance bike also has space for mounting mudguards, which allows you to ride in various weather conditions.


Aero road bikes

Aero cycling shoes have been designed to reduce air resistance as much as possible, which translates into greater speed. They feature aerodynamic frames, forks and handlebars, among other features designed to minimize air turbulence. These bikes are often chosen by professional cyclists who fight for every second during time trials and racing on flat terrain.
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