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Ochraniacze Rollerblade X-Gear Wristguard - Black - Products Archive

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21,59 $
Ochraniacze Rollerblade X-Gear Wristguard - Black

Nowe high-endowe ochraniacze idealnie pasuj±ce na nadgarstek. Materiał absorbuj±cy  wstrz±sy daje poczucie wygody i bezpieczeństwa.

Product code: L - 067P0200100, XL - 067P0200100
EAN code: L - 8050459444643, XL - 8050459444650


Our shop is an authorized representative of the Rollerblade brand.

Rollerblade® created one of the fastest growing sports in the world and continues to be a leader in the inline skate market. Originally perceived as an off-season training device for hockey players, Rollerblade® pioneered the inline skating boom by transforming inline skates to a widely accepted "lifestyle" product just about anyone can use. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fun seekers and Rollerblade® employees continue to enjoy the sport and experience of inline skating.

Rollerblade® is dedicated to creative innovation into every facet of all Rollerblade® products. Their world class testing facility that utilizes more than 70 engineers and design specialists to research, develop and test the performance of their products. The machines and processes they implement are engineered for the sole purpose of bringing the best of the unique inline skating experience and highest quality to their customers.

For more than 30 years, Rollerblade® has achieved several industry firsts. Some of them are:
  • Push-button adjustable children´s skate
  • Polyurethane boots and wheels
  • Women´s Specific Skate
  • Metal frames
  • Dual bearings
  • Heel brakes
  • Ventilated shells
  • Breathable liners
  • Buckle closure system
  • Wheels with cores
  • Graduated brake design
  • Aggressive skate/stunt skate
  • Award-winning braking system Advanced Braking System (ABT)®
  • Liner with temperature regulation material

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Ochraniacze Rollerblade X-Gear Wristguard - Black

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