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Assortment - Selle Royal

Selle Royal is the most admired saddle brand in the world, producing high-quality, comfortable saddles for the leisure cyclist. Selle Royal is the saddle of choice for both individual retail customers and major bicycle manufacturers.

Riccardo Bigolin created Selle Royal in 1956, building the company from a small workshop in Italy to an international brand thanks to continuous innovation built on research, technology, and advanced design. His philosophy still drives the company today.

Selle Royal works hard to understand what cyclists really need from their saddle. We listen to them carefully, analyse how and why they ride a bike. We then incorporate our technological innovation to make saddles that provide the best possible comfort.

Our research department has developed and used innovative materials such as Royalgel™ and
Corkgel padding, the ultra-resistant Strengtex cover material, the heat resisting Cool Cover and the Royal Vacuum Light sealing technology. We also understand the different needs of men and women – the importance of saddle ergonomics – for ensuring they each ride in total comfort.

We make it easy for our customers to choose the right saddle for their type of riding. We have segmented our saddles into five easy to understand lines and price points, combining technology with the specific needs of cyclists.

In addition, we have developed the PERFORMA range of saddles, designed specifically for sport cyclists.

Selle Royal also produces the Origins line of retro-style saddles, the Junior line for children, highquality Mano grips and saddle accessories.

Our saddles are available in over 70 different countries. We also play our part in making cycling a global pastime and mode of transport by producing the Worldwide Cycling Atlas – a resource and a platform for every kind of cycling initiative.

Selle Royal. We support cyclists.
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