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Assortment - Crosso

You are probably wondering who they are... Crosso was born from passion. Their beginning dates back to the times when people in Poland stopped and stared with astonishment at tourists on bicycles. They started by remodelling bags for their own use. They even resorted to using wood and military tent bags as materials! The company as such came to life several years ago, when a group of friends decided to make a bike tour Hungary to watch solar eclipse. They needed panniers that were not only inexpensive but also solid. Crosso was the answer to their expectations.

From the very beginning their goal was maximum durability and functionality. Soon they moved from a garage to a modern factory. They chose highest class fabrics such as Cordura. They found the best tailors who know their job. They constantly benefit from the rich experience of befriended travellers. All that to make the best and 100% waterproof panniers.
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