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MTB bikes

MTB bikes (Mountain Bikes) are a popular choice among people looking for an efficient and stable bike. MTB bikes provide great performance and high riding comfort in various terrain conditions. They can be used for both recreational and competitive riding.
MTB bikes in particular were designed for riding in difficult terrain conditions and routes with various surfaces.

In the store, we offer various variants of bicycles, including full-suspension mountain bikes and electric MTB bicycles, with various frame and wheel sizes. We are an authorized distributor of brands such as Giant, Cube, Kross, Kellys, Felt and Haibike.


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Rower Kellys Spider 30 27,5 Blue 2023
Rower Kellys Spider 30 27,5 Black 2023
Rower Kellys Spider 30 29 Blue 2023
Rower Kellys Vanity 30 29 Grey 2023
Kellys Spider 50 29 Black 2023 bike
Rower Kellys Vanity 50 29 Sky Blue 2023
Giant ATX 26 Vibrant Blue 2022 bike

MTB bikes - durability and comfort

When preparing the offer of MTB bikes at the store, we pay special attention to such features of mountain bikes as:

Strength and durability - our MTB bikes must be built of solid materials that can withstand difficult terrain conditions. Most of our models have a reinforced frame and tires that provide better durability and traction in difficult conditions.
Riding comfort - the MTB models we offer have partial or full suspension, which absorbs shocks and ensures a more comfortable ride, even on unusual terrain.
Safety - MTB bikes in most cases have disc brakes, which allows for faster and more effective braking in difficult conditions.
Versatility - we provide MTB bikes in various frame sizes and wheel sizes, both for beginners and more experienced cyclists.


What wheel size of MTB bike will meet your need

29er MTB bikes

29" MTB bikes are characterized by larger wheels with a diameter of 29 inches (approx. 73.66 cm), which translates into better control over the bike and greater speed on traversed surfaces.
Thanks to larger wheels, 29-inch bikes can more easily overcome obstacles, such as stones or tree roots, which ensures a smoother ride and greater stability. They are also more resistant to shocks and vibrations, which significantly improves driving comfort.

Many models of 29-inch bicycles are equipped with modern technologies that increase riding safety.


27.5er MTB bikes

A mountain bike with 27.5-inch wheels, also called a 650B, is a popular choice among mountain bikers. Their main features are:

Maneuverability - smaller diameter wheels than the standard 29 inches make the bike more agile and more suitable for technical and winding paths.
Ease of overcoming obstacles - thanks to the smaller wheel diameter, these bikes are more maneuverable and dynamic, which is important when overcoming frequent obstacles such as stones, roots or bumps on the route.
Better control - The 27.5 inch mountain bike offers better bike control in difficult terrain thanks to increased wheel stiffness and frame design.
Less weight - Compared to bikes with 29er wheels, bikes with 27.5er wheels are typically lighter, making them easier to handle on rough terrain and for normal use when carrying or storing.

26er MTB bikes

MTB bikes with a diameter of 26" are an excellent choice for less advanced, but equally demanding users. They are universal and can be used for both recreational and competitive riding. They are characterized primarily by:

Maneuverability – Mountain bikes with 26-inch wheels are generally more maneuverable than bikes with larger wheels. This makes them more suitable for riding on winding and narrow trails.
Easy to ride - Due to their smaller wheel diameter, MTB bikes with 26-inch wheels are usually more stable and easier to ride and control, making them an ideal choice for beginner cyclists.
Lightweight - A 26 inch mountain bike is usually lighter, making it more agile and easier to maneuver.
Less storage space - bikes with smaller wheels, due to their size, make them easier to store at home or transport in a car.

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