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Sortiment - Husky

Our shop is an authorized representative of the Husky brand.

Husky was founded in 1997 as the company with the business objective to produce and supply the market with camping gear, tourist backpacks and sportswear. From the very beginning, they stressed their products originality and workmanship quality, as a result, their production is strictly based on development and design and careful selection of quality materials. They concentrate mainly on customers who devote their leisure time to sports, outdoors, or mountain hiking. Becoming a widespread trademark has never been their ambition or objective, however, they are trying to address a quite clearly defined target group of customers - outdoors, camping, skiing, mountains, tourism... enthusiasts.

They divide their production into four basic categories: tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and, since 1999, augmented with the sportswear as already mentioned before. They divide these product lines into different subgroups depending on what activities they are designed for.

For instance, they offer tents for classic, family, or fishermans camping, as well as the "extreme" line designed for mountain expeditions
In the category of backpacks, their customers can choose from school to special-purpose backpacks (for example, for carrying notebooks, in-line skates or for cycling purposes) to tourist backpacks and large volume ones for expeditions.
Among sleeping bags, you can find light ones for cycling, those for traditional camping, but also the "extreme" line products designed for staying in frost of about 30 degrees below zero.
The last product category covers womens, mens and childrens sports textile. Here, they can offer their customers a large assortment of outdoor clothing for active spending of leisure time in the countryside, in the mountains and in the city. Jackets, trousers, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, vests and underwear designed for skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers and extreme sports enthusiasts are available, but also for classical tourists who put stress on quality when choosing their equipment - be it in both in summer and winter.
They further produce a wide range of accessories to complement individual product lines - sleeping pads, gloves, caps, trekking sticks, camping chairs, bum bags, snowboard and ski packages, ski helmets, torches, etc.

Newly developed products are tested regularly and tried both in laboratory conditions and in various expeditions and excursions. Equal stress is also laid on development, product making and sale, as well as on sales support and after-sales service. Every customer can address them with his/her questions or remarks by means of many communication channels - telephone, E-mail, fax, Skype, Facebook. Every suggestion is important to them, and they are striving to deal promptly with every query or suggestion.

The development, sales, marketing and the whole administration are currently based in the head office in the Czech Republic, but they operate in more than 20 countries of Europe and America. In any of their activities they emphasize environmental friendliness, and their production capacities have successfully passed the ecological audit. They regularly sponsor sports activities and various outdoor events, support promising athletes, mountaineers, water sportsmen, skiers.

The outdoors are not just business for them, they all live the outdoors.
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