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Loyalty Program

Loyalty card

For our Customers, we prepared a special program rewarding our regular Customers of our online shop.
The condition for participating in the loyalty program and obtaining a loyalty card is making the purchase at the minimum value of 500 PLN in the online shop

The discount granted in the loyalty program is visible for the Customer after they log on the shop.

In the loyalty program, the Customer receives the following discounts for the value of purchase in our shop:
• From 500 PLN to 999.99PLN – 1%
• From 1000 PLN to 1999.99 PLN – 2%
• From 2000 PLN to 2999.99 PLN – 3%
• From 3000 PLN to 3999.99 PLN – 4%
• From 4000 PLN to 4999.99 PLN – 5%
• From 5000 PLN to 999.99 PLN – 6%

The discount is granted from the moment of exceeding a given threshold of the value of realised purchase and it is applied in the case of all subsequent orders.

For the product included in the individual discount program, the discount of the loyalty program is granted only, if it is higher, than the individual discount program value.
The above-mentioned discounts do not refer to products, that are in the special offer in a given moment , i.e. their old price is crossed out and the new promotional price is presented beneath.

The verification of discount thresholds is made each time, the Customer is logging in to the account in the online shop.

In order to offer the best realisation of the loyalty program’s assumption, we do not send the loyalty cards physically to the Customer. The card is virtual in nature and all necessary data is stored in our system.
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