June Wednesday 3 2020
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and most EU countries:
Germany, United kingdom, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania...
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• Cube Attention   • Cube Access   • Cube Aim   • Cube Reaction   • Cube Stereo   • Haibike Sduro   • Kross Level   • Kross Lea   • Kross Vento   • Kross Trans   • Giant Propel   • Giant Talon   • Giant Trance   • Giant Roam   • Kellys Soot   • Kellys Gate   • Kellys Spider   • Atomic Redster   • Atomic Cloud   • Atomic Vantage   • Head Supershape   • Salomon X Access   • Atomic Hawx   • Salomon X Pro   • Salomon X Max   • Dalbello Panterra   • Head Advant Edge   • Rossignol Pure   • Salomon S/Max   • Tecnica Mach   • Rossignol Alltrack   • Lange RX   • Salomon Ranger   • Atomic Count   • Atomic Revent

About Us

Olimpia company was established in 1993. At present, we run activity in two stores with total area of 500 square metres. We are specialised in sales of ski, bicycles, tennis, snowboard and fitness equipment. Our offer also includes skates, swimming and diving accessories. We also run a dedicated tourist store offering wide selection of rucksacks, tents, shoes and canoeing equipment.
For a year now, we have been strongly developing our offer of clothing and footwear for running and Nordic walking. We offer the highest quality sports equipment, as well as clothes and footwear of the most famous world’s brands. We offer bicycle and ski equipment service.
You can always count on a professional service and advising.
All of us do some sports. We know, what we offer.


We also invite you to get acquainted with press releases on our company and our employees in section Write about us ».

The way we work?
Customers are everything to us! Let’s show them the due interest.
Our company exists to assist our Customers and provide the highest level of customer service. Our main assumption is not simply to sell, but above all, to create great customer experiences. We would like to create such an environment in our store, that would encourage our customers to return to us again and again.

Many clients had poor customer service experiences in the past. For many, there is a nervousness, when doing business with a company for the first time. In Olimpia, we endeavour to go far beyond our Customers’ expectations, and at the same time, we aim to take that nervousness and insecurity out of the equation.
Setting the pace.
„If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – in our company you won’t find such an attitude. We always tend to improve the quality of our service, and that keeps us one step ahead of the competition! We establish standards , which our competitors can only look to as an example to follow. Other companies can copy our methods, but they cannot copy our team. It is due to our people, that we can provide our Customers with the highest quality services.
Create. Adapt. Evolve.
Our freedom to create new ideas has been and will continue to be a key catalyst to our success. The world is ever evolving and for us, to be competitive and able to be respond effectively to the ever changing needs of our Customers, we must be willing to evolve.

Such a situation requires creative thinking from us. We are constantly working on new solutions and improvement of already existing ones. Our employees often share their ideas on how to meet the Customer’s requirements in the best possible way.
Always be growing.
We believe, that companies do not grow in and of themselves. It is rather employees, who grow and bring companies to a higher level. That is why, individual development becomes so important.

Olimpia has always done things, that others simply would not do. Why? Because it is quite a hard work. If it was easy, then what value do we bring as a company? It is through our detailed and tedious effort that we gain the success.

A few ideas that we subscribe to include:
• promote strengths and be willing to recognise and improve on weaknesses.
• develop a high degree of self-awareness
• continuous challenge your ideals
• mental development and trainings
We are honest and open.
Following our commitments, we always try to stick to our values, but at the same time, we are able to recognise when we fall short . We do our best to be open and honest to our Customers and we always inform them on the possible impediments. We are not afraid of difficult conversations, because we strongly believe, that effective communication with the Customer is paramount to the success.
Together we can do anything.
There is no „my department” or „your department” in Olimpia. Instead, there is just „our company”. While it may be true, that each employee has a defined set of duties, all of us try to work for the general benefit of the Company. Team work is crucial, while the responsibility is collective. Our success is not the result of any one person, rather it is the result of everyone’s commitment and intention.
We always focus on maximum efficiency. Our ability „to do more” was and will continue to be a key component of our ability to deliver on our initiatives. No half measures here, we always give our maximum efforts. The working time is not just a routine, we are aware of the importance of what we do.
We do it with passion.
For many, sporting brings many positive memories and experiences. We want others to have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity as much as we do. To do that, we work hard to support all sports enthusiasts. From the very beginning, we had a clear-stated vision – we didn’t want to be the store only, we wanted to encourage others to do sports. Not only do we sell skates, but also our employee instructs how to use them, he presents all advantages of the equipment and he provides with advice. We organised cycling races, public running races, and swim trainings.
We want to be the leader in customer service.
It is our belief, that we maximise our likelihood of achieving success when we seek service first.

Below, we specify a few rules which we tend to follow:
• Each Customer shall be treated in the same way, with due respect and fairness
• Build a positive relationship
• Be humble during conversation
• Listen more, talk less
• See others’ needs as equal to your own
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